HELLO 2010! A new year, a new look!

Welcome to my Website! 

I have just started a blog to let people know what is going on here at the farm.  I hope to post several times a week so as to let you all see what new projects I have finished.    So look around and enjoy!!

I am a country girl raising Icelandic sheep, working with their wool, spinning, dyeing and felting it.  I am a seamstress and sewing teacher also.

We have recently started putting together some kits for drop spinning and felting.  We will be adding these to our site as we finish them.   Our sheep and lambs are not certified Organic, but they are raised on a grass/hay mixture and a loose salt, without hormones, antibiotics, or grain.

We are located in southern MN.  Just outside of Mankato.  We love to have visitors.  But please contact us at (507)344-0461 to make sure that we are home as we have many outside activities that we are part of.

You can e-mail me at sisterto11(At)gmail.com.