Here is a few pictures of items I have made over the years.  I will be adding more to the album as I finish projects and collect photos of things done in the past.  Click on the link to see larger images. 

Photo Album

I have been sewing for nearly 20 years, professionally for the last 10.   In the last few years I have also started teaching others to sew, and now teach both private and group lessons.

I enjoy making just about anything, but especially things of my own design.  From simple pencil cases for over seas orphanages, to dance costumes and wedding dresses, I have made a wide range of items.  Some from patterns as they were designed, and some from patterns that have been altered.  Now I am enjoying designing and making my own patterns.

I would love to design and sew that special project for you!  Or teach you how to create your own special items.

Contact me with your project and I will give you an estimate on time and cost requirements.