The ram The Ram. He is the sire to all our lambs. He has a special place in our herd as he is gentle with all our babies(human and animal). Born in 2001, he is pure-bred Icelandic with a thick gray black wool.
Photo Here Lady. One of my original ewes, she totaly lives up to her name. Her long white wool is fun to spin and the inner and outer coats are easily seperated if desired. She is 3/4 Icelandic, born 2000.
Photo Here Princess. Soft and beautifully colored, her fleece is gorgeous. She is another of my original ewes, also 3/4 Icelandic and born in 2000.
Photo Here Sweetie. The first lamb born on our farm, she was born in 2004 and is 1/4 Icelandic with a mixture ofother breeds thrown in. Her fleece is shorter with a nice crimp and soft touch. She loves to check out any thing that comes within tasting distance.( So watch out for your clothes. :) Daughter to Baby Bop.
Photo Here Maggie. Born in 2004, she is 3/4 Icelandic, with shorter fleece and dense crimp. Her coloring is dark brownish/black with sun faded tips to a reddish brown (moorit). Daughter to Princess.
Photo Here Blackie. Born in 2004, 3/4 Icelandic. She has the same black/brown/red and silver coloring as Princess but the longer coat of her mother, Lady.