All my fleeces are hand shorn using blade shears. I skirt each fleece carefully, to make sure that you are getting the best wool for your projects. My wool is available in raw, washed, or washed and carded form. I have a constantly changing supply as it is sold or worked up into kits. Please contact me via phone or email to find out what is available at any given time. Or to reserve a fleece before the next shearing.

Here are a few pics. of last years fleeces. (the pictures do not do the fiber justice.) Most of these are still available for sale.

Photo Here 1)The Ram,

A nice thick black fleece with silvering at the tips. Freshly sheared and waiting to be skirted.
7#'s, skirted

Photo Here 2)Maggie's fleece

A nice soft fleece with redish brown highlights and a slight crimp.
3#'s skirted

Photo Here 3)Blackie

Here is a lock of this wonderfully colored fleece. The photo doesn't do it justice.
I have about 2#'s of this fleece available. skirted

Photo Here 4)Princess

Soft with lots of color, this is one of my favorite fleeces to work.
4#'s available, skirted, washed

Photo Here 5)Sweetie

Soft, with just the right amount of crimp. This makes a great fiber for felting or spinning and the light color is easy to dye.
3 1/2#'s, skirted

Photo Here 6)Lady

You can see the differences between the under and outer coats on her fleece. Spun together it makes a good strong yarn with a soft nap. Or seperate the two coats for strong thread of outer coat and soft yarn from the under coat.
4# skirted fleece, washed

Photo Here 7)The Ram

Another picture of this fleece. This is a lock of the ram's fleece where you can see how much under coat and how little outer coat he has.
7#, skirted