I am the happy new owner of this 19th century Appalachian great wheel (also known as a walking wheel because of all the walking you do while using it.)


I found it on Craig’s list when I was just randomly looking at spinning wheels.  (something I do periodically )  It was not only in my price range but close enough to go look at it.  Only 2 1/2 hours away. 

  So my sisters and I went to Stockholm WI and I met Andrea, who has more wheels than I have ever seen in one house. ( She also raises Icelandic Sheep.  I think we will be talking again  )

Beth and I tried out the wheel and I knew she was coming home with me!  

The drive wheel is not original to the wheel but replaces the one that was on it when the Andrea bought it. I think this one matches better than that one did. ( I have both drive wheels, but the other needs major repairs if it is even repairable.)  And one of the back legs has been replaced with an old ax handle.  She spins a very nice thread and though the drive wheel wobbles just a little, the belt stays on well. 

I have already spent several hours spinning with her and learning her quirks.  One of which is she likes very light and airy rollogs!   Smile


I like the little holder for my rollogs.  It makes it very easy to grab a new one as I spin.  


Here is my first bit of yarn. 


One last picture


This click (or clock) reel had been sitting by my wheel and when I asked Andrea where she acquired it,  thinking I would look for one later,  I was told it had bonded with my wheel and would be lonely if I left it behind.   So it also came to live with me and my other wheels.

Happy Spinning! 

The Shepherdess