Originally published Jul 12, 2011 @ 21:16  In trying to copy and update this into a new post I have somehow overwritten the original,  so it no longer exists.

As we start the new year I thought I would revisit the list I made back in July and post an update as to where I am at with each item. So here goes,

  1. Braid a rag rug out of denim. Started.  I have 3 rounds braided and mostly sewn together. GEDC0059
  2. Spin enough linen to weave something from it. Nope didn’t happen.
  3. Weave something from my hand spun linen. Also, hasn’t happened yet.  Someday. Smile
  4. Dye some wool with golden rod and/or other wild plants that grow around here. I did it!!  I dyed up some beautiful wool with golden rod.  I will do a post about this later. But here is a pic.P7220034
  5. Finish my quilt that I started with the 4-H quilting club. Have the rest of the material for borders and backing.  Hope to have it done in the next month or so.
  6. Spin and knit a pair of gloves from the alpaca fiber I have. Not even started.
  7. Finish knitting my lace shawl. Only 57 more rounds to go!  To bad they are about a thousand stitches each round. Sad smile
  8. Sew at least 5 articles of clothing. Well… I think I made 2.  Not much time for sewing this fall, but will make up for it this spring as I am starting work on 2 different wedding parties.  Will post updates on this as I get them done.
  9. Work on my cross stitch a little.  (I won’t say finish, as I have been working on this more off than on, for 10 years now, since I graduated and have a long way to go) Did not even pull it out of the basket it is stored in.

Tat something (nothing in particular, just don’t want to go so long in between tatting projects, I forget how. Open-mouthed smileAnother item I did not get to this fall.

After reviewing this I can see what I need to try to find more time for as we start the new year.  I have made progress on some of these things and if I think about it I could come up with a whole list of things I did do that were not on this list.  So I think I will just keep adding on to the progress I have made and hopefully do a better job of blogging about things as I finish them.

Good night.

The Shepherdess