I have spent the last couple of days washing and dying wool for spinning.  I am working on making some two ply yarns with special names and color combinations.   Here are some pictures of the washed and dyed wool waiting to be carded and spun. 


The first is naturally colored and from my ewe Princess.  I am using her wool for one ply of the yarn.


This is Ladies un-dyed wool.



And here is Lady’s wool that has been dyed with a wine dye from Rit. and a teal dye from Tulip. 

P8020012 P8020016

This last picture is of Sweetie’s wool dyed in the leftover dye bath from the Rit dye.  I did not want to just throw it out as it looked like it still had a lot of color left in it.  As you can see it is a much lighter color but still pretty.  


Now I am going to be spending a bit of time carding and spinning (spinning is my favorite part).   I will try to add photos of the yarn as I get it spun.