This is one of the first shawls I ever picked out to make.  (And that was before I knew how to knit.)   I fell in love with the pattern on first sight and knew that someday I was going to make it.  So in 2011 I found the yarn I wanted, a heathery-grey lace weight on clearance from Knit-Picks.  I started the shawl when I went to Florida in April ‘11 and finished it in time for Sugar on Snow in Feb. ‘12


Before blocking.


After blocking.



I was measuring it to see how big it was all blocked out. 60+ inch diameter.   GEDC0109

Here it is all blocked and drying.

Well, I can’t find a picture of me wearing it, but it made a great accessory for when I was in my cousin’s wedding in Colorado this last summer.  It got a little cold up in the mountains when it started to pour rain during the out door ceremony.  


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