I had planned to blog last night and tell you all about our day, but as we didn’t make it home until 10:30pm I decided it could wait till today.

We started off at quarter to 7 for breakfast at Emma Krumbee’s. P6160006

Fresh fruit and whipped topping on top of pancakes or

French-toast.  YUMM!

Then it was on to the first shop, Half-priced books.  We managed to find all kinds of good paperback and audio books.


I even found a couple of new craft books. An old spinning and dyeing book and “The Complete Book of Tatting”.  I have looked at this tatting book several times and am glad I was able to buy it.


After the book store it was onto…


Now I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when we first pulled up and even after we started looking around as most of the prices were right in line with other fabric stores and I was hoping for better discounts.  But mom found some red and blue broad cloth that she needed for a quilt she is going to make, and as we were standing at the cutting counter we saw a sign that said they take JoAnn and Hancock coupons.  W-e-e-l-l I just happened to have grabbed my JoAnn flyer before we left the house.  So with my coupons now in hand I took a second look at some of the shelves.  And that is when I found the Civil War reproduction fabrics, much better prices than I had ever seen them and I could use a coupon!  Mom and I each picked out a length of fabric that we liked and will now have period correct print dresses for the fall and winter re-enactments.


I love the soft blues and greens in these prints.

We had to make a quick stop and pick up the spinning wheel I found on Craig’s List ( I will post about that later.)  Than it was off to,P6170032

Also known at our house as the Dulcimer shop.  We have been wanting to go here for years but have never actually made it.  We had a quick little tour of the wood shop where they make the instruments, and spent some time playing in the front with all the harps, dulcimers, guitars and thumb pianos.  Also looked at all the music books.

Bethany had so much fun playing with the thumb pianos that she decided to get a kit to make her own.


After that shopping we were hungry, lunch at BW’s and we were good to go again.


One last store before going to the Ingram’s house.  P6170042

The ‘Darn. Knit. (Anyway)’.  Michelle heard about this shop and so we thought we would check it out.  The first thing I saw was this yarn.


I burst out laughing and mom had to come see what was so funny.

It is called Sexy Socks!  I had to get it!

(There is a story about why this was such a perfect find.)

We went to the Ingram’s visit and have supper.

Then it was Home again, Home again…

But wait if we take this road home we can stop at…

Lifeway books and Gifts.


Where we found all kinds of books on clearance, plus a couple that we just couldn’t resist.

P6170026 P6170027

Well, that was our day.  We had lots of fun and found some good buys.

So much fun in fact that we are already talking about planning the next trip.

Good night.

The Shepherdess