For five years now my family and I have been going to a re-enactment at the end of February in northern Minnesota. 

It is the recreation of a colonial village.  We usually go up and help with setup and mom is our head cook for the weekend. Jeff and Bethany went again this year. (although other children have gone in the past)  Bethany did some spinning with me and helped with many other things.  And Jeff’s main focus was the wood working area.  Here are a bunch of pics from the event.


Me, spinning flax into linen.


You might find cornhusk dolls being made.




Pottery (Children get to throw a small pot on a wheel and then take it home to keep.)


The two man saw contest.

(or in this case two woman all I seem to have pictures of is us girls taking our turns)


Shoes being made by our cordwainer.


Rug braiding. 

These are just a few of the things happening at SoS if you want to see more you will just have to join us next year on the last weekend in February. 

One more thing to share before I go…


With the help of a couple of friends we decided to see how long of a thread we could spin on the great wheel before it broke or had to be wound on.  Here is the results, the wheel is in the back corner of the building. Watch our progress.


A little over half way through the gym.


Out the Gym doors and in the hallway.GEDC0656

At the end of the hall.


Out the double doors and just to the edge of the overhang.

This is were I was stopping and going to wind back on and then…

It broke, right at the tip of the spindle from to much twist build up.  We tied back on and wound it up on the spindle.  

The challenge was to get to the first set of gym doors so I think we met and surpassed that one.

The total feet spun was 139, or 46.333333 yards.

Thanks to Suzette and Jeremiah for helping me and all the others who kept small children from running into the yarn.

I think next time we will have to try it out side some where and see what we can do. 

Thanks for coming along on my little trip back to S.o.S.


The Shepherdess